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Psychedelics and Art

In this article we will try to show you how the psychedelic drugs can affect  art.

No one can deny that art is the ultimate form of expression. An artist’s creativity has no limits, no rules or boundaries.

Graphic designer Brian Pollett aka Pixel-Pusha recently set out to give a visual representation of the effects of drugs. Each day, for 20 days straight, Pollett ingested a different one and sat down to interpret its effects into a digital illustration.

After years of research into the emotional and chemical effects of each drug, Pollett commenced his 20-day experiment, using a drug testing kit to ensure the purity of each substance he was taking. He also always took the drugs in a controlled environment, within the safety of his studio, while listening to his favorite music.

Resulting artworks below are quite interesting and provide a stunning insight into Pollett’s experience:

Butylone(Day 1)

Butylone affects art

G.H.B(Day 2)

G.H.B Effect

Codeine(Day 3)

Codeine Effect

T.H.C(Day 4)

T.H.C Effect

Alcohol(Day 5)

Alcohol Effect

Nitrous(Day 6)

Nitrous Effect

Cocaine(Day 7)

Cocaine Effect

Psilocybin(Day 8)

Psilocybin Effect

Ho-Mipt (Day 9)

Ho-Mipt Effect

Poppers(Day 10)

Poppers Effect

D.M.T(Day 11)

D.M.T Effect

Ether(Day 12)

Ether Effect

251(Day 13)

251 Effect

MXE(Day 14)

MXE Effect

MDMA(Day 15)

MDMA Effect

Amphetamine(Day 16)

Amphetamine Effect

Mescaline(Day 17)

Mescaline Effect

Ketamine(Day 18)

Ketamine Effect

LSD(Day 19)

LSD Effect

LOVE-The Strongest Drug (Day 20)

Love Effect

As you can see in that experiment,psychedelics have a strong influence on the art.

You can also watch how psychedelics affects art here in Artadelica. All the artworks in Artadelica are also influenced by strong psychedelic spiritual experiences our artists have had.

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